Get Help with:

Social Media

Engaging with readers in the most efficient and effective way on only the right sites for you will give you time to write.

Email Lists

Readers receiving your newsletter can help ensure you keep the readers who already love your books buying more.


There's a about a billion ways you could promote your book. Make sure you're using the most effective techniques for your readers and budget.

Series Planning

A series with great covers, blurbs, backmatter, and clever hooks will keep readers clicking to the next book.

Which of these author types is you?

If you recognise yourself here, I can give you a plan. A calm, simple, step by step plan to get you sorted, that’s tailored to you.


People talk about how you should have a newsletter/be on facebook etc., so you did it. But honestly, the whole process was baffling. You did it, but has it done any good? You’ve never really understood the difference between a domain and hosting and frankly, you’d really like someone to just explain what you need to do in normal human language, rather than wittering on about ROI. 


You’ve thought about this stuff, but it’s overwhelming. All the decisions are too much, and who knows what is the best choice? Just the thought of having a newsletter is worrying, because you might get it wrong. You got a book about book marketing, but never felt brave enough to do any of the things it suggests.


Writing is hard and you just don’t have the enthusiasm to figure out what is really important about all that book promo and website stuff. You’ve never gotten around to it, and thus you’re not keeping hold of those readers as effectively as you might otherwise.

Introductory Offer

A one month coaching package to level up your author platform for just $50, starting with a free initial full assessment your author platform, from Amazon to Ze..Website. Followed by:

  • Positive feedback on what you’re doing great on, and customised advice on what could be improved.
  • Improvement suggestions, in 3 tiers of importance, with approximate cost and time required.
  • Positive feedback when you’ve made progress.
  • Reminders of what you need to do.
  • A deadline. We’ll create a hard or soft deadline for you – either by booking promo, setting a release date, or just a soft ‘by this date’.
  • One of:
    • A new cover for a one book (more by negotiation)
    • New back cover copy for one book
    • ebook and paperback formatting for one series
    • New author website (excluding domain and hosting costs).
    • (…If you don’t need any of those, then I’ll say lovely to chat to you in the free assessment, but you probably don’t need my help.)

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  • “She told me exactly what to do, with footnotes on why, and was super available when I needed her. Her rates are bizzarely reasonable.”

    Aviva Blakeman